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  • Public Swimming Pools Facilities and Technology

natatorium, swimming pool, bath facilities & technology for circulating and filtering system, water sterilization, maintenance and sanitation, water quality testing equipment, water treatment chemicals, pool equipment & accessory, water sports entertainment, pool periphery leisure facility, bench chair, awning, swimwear, life-saving facility, locker, bathroom related, ceramic tile & Mosaic, lamps and lanterns, anti-sliping facility, ventilation equipment, bathing equipment, heat pump & water heating equipment and safety device and related etc.

  • Private Swimming Pools and related,Villa & Garden & Fountain Equipment

temperature-constant pool, infinity pool, outdoor spa bathtub, massage pool, swimming club related, endless pool, aqua fitness equipment, water treatment equipment and chemicals, smart system for temperature-constant and energy-saving, water circulation for rockery, pool cover, outdoor flooring, passive room, underwater light, leisure furniture, awning and villa & garden related: high-end design and art for villa, homestay and garden etc.

  • Swimming, Lifesaving,Diving,Mermaid Equipment, Facilities & Supplies

swimwear, cap, antibacterial towel, slippers, bathing set, flippers, goggles, diving facility, swimming teaching equipment, swimming, bathing and related equipment and facility, construction material and equipment, anti-slip flooring, locker, changing stool and storage etc.

  • Sauna, Therma, Bathing, SPA Facilities & Supplies

SPA massage pool, SPA massage bathtub, surfing pool, sauna, therapy bathing equipment, SPA, hot tub, spring room, spring machine, spring derivative, foot bath aromatherapy, infrared sauna, sauna steaming equipment, foot bathtub, nursing and wellness related etc.

  • Infant Swimming Facilities & Service

infant natatorium, pool and bathing facility, technology and related, infant swimming related facility and service, infant swimming consumables, infant & children swimming training course etc.

  • Children's Amusement, Aqua park, Aqua Sports Equipment

Children's amusement facilities and equipment, unpowered amusement equipment, aqua amusement facility, surfing facility, aqua sports leisure industry, aqua sports decoration, aqua safety & lifesaving supplies, diving supplies and fishing leisure supplies etc.

  • Construction design, service, media & association:

design institute, construction, software, training institute, service agency, Media & association

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